The reason of which we should  blog  here in Africa is first of all to let all the countries included in this continent know their  values and wealth .And what I mean with wealth here wether natural resssources or cultures.In doing so ,we we permit people in Africa to know one another in one hand and be united in diversity.And forsure,on the  other hand to have relationship with the four other continennts.                              Here the word “diversity is a key word because it ‘s up to each of us wether we are going to use those differences for our benefits or not .Now, let’s talk about the “cultuers”.We all know that our continent many and different cultureswhich are most of time complimentary to  the others.Normally with something complimentary there should not be opposition or contradiction.Why was there and there still is.I think in that case ,blogging  plays crucial roles and has a special place for the development  and progress of our continent. I would like to emphasise here that knowing all that is one thing but  applying sothat it can be benefical is still another .So,we must all take our reponsibilities indeed  we the bloggers who are the eyes and the ears of the others.                                                                                                                Generally , when we ask about the question ” WHY?” we only see the causes or the reason and we forget or neglect the impact of the action ( cause and effect principle)  .                                                                                Let’s take the example of “Blogging “here in Madagascar .You know there is one blog here called  “foko-madagascar”.Before I was not member of this blog I didn’t even know how to surf or google.But after this was changed because what we do in “Blog “is to teach and learn from one another,share experiences and we inform the others of update. Basically,bloggers here in Madagascar are like one big family.So,it’s like one body  with different parts and each part has its importance and  special role. What I learnt as well in Blogging or with my friends bloggers is  helping people is not just giving them what they need or ask to us ,we may risk to make them be dependent of us .”Give a man a fish ,you feed him for a day (What about tomorrow?) but  teach a man to  fish ,you feed him for life. That’s why I  said before  Blog has a crucial role in Africa.        At the end special thanks to “foko bloggers ” and its collaborates wether Malagasy or foreigners without whom all that was not possible. I say  “Long live  to blogging here in AFRICA!!!!”And hope for a better result.


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