The International Congress for the students of Indian Ocean


The congress lasted five days. It began the 17th and was finished 21st of this december. The first day was the opening ceremony and introducing all the guests speakers.
What was the goals of this congress? First of the goal is to teach and to help the students have “Entreprenarial mind” so that they can create their own firm in the future. Of course there were many PhD’s people who were really willing to share their knowledges and experiences about that. Many of them agreed on the fact that most of the students are not operational or are jobless after their studies so, to change this situation was the main goal of the congress.
How to do that?
– To make the students have the “Entreprenarial mind”
– To let them understand the main problem of creating a firmis not always money or finances.
– To teach them how to manage the fund gotten from the investers ( spend the money correctly but not waste it for nothing )



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