Teaching about thankfulness

mr-papu-on-the-stageThere was one Pastor called PAPU who is from South Africa taught us about thankfulness.
Why is it so important to be thankful? He said in life there are many reasons we should be thankful wether to God or to one person specifically. But we make sure that we love the giver more than the gifts. In that case, even if we lose the gifts the relationship will still remain and that why we the ” Malagasy” people when we give something we always say ” Aza ny hakelezan’ny fanomezana no jerena fa ny fô manolotra” or ” Ny fô manotra no mameno azy!”. That is to show what is important is not the gifts but the gesture ( the act to give ). It’s important to be thankful because it encourages to giver. But if we’re not thankful then it’s like banging one’s head against the wall, ie we do something that is meaningless or no effect: it’s like water in duck’s back and that discourages the giver to never repeat again his act.
Why are people not thankful?
There are two reasons: first of all they think that they deserve the gift so no need to thank, why must I thank for something that I deserve?, and the second one is the familiarity with the giver. they think being familiar with the giver implies thanking already.But that’s not true, we need to show to the giver our gratitude and the only way to show that is to say “THANK YOU” it’s may be very simple but very important so whenever you receive a gift never forghet to say thank you, remember the recitation that we learnt from school:” Raha misy manome zavatra hoanao, kingà miteny hoe: Misaotra tompoko ô!” So basically these are the things that Pastor PAPU taught us there. So if you need more informations about that check the video below.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1614974&dest=-1] papou


5 Responses to “Teaching about thankfulness”

  1. Tahina Says:

    Definitely Theo, sometimes we are not thankful especially when it comes to little things we take for granted in our everyday life.

  2. simp Says:

    so true!!!

  3. theophilusman Says:

    Thank you!

  4. pastor Stephens Says:

    hello there,
    i saw you mail on the internet and i am really interested in your ministry. Can i get to meet you more?
    Rev Stephens

  5. Grace Zisengwe Says:

    It is very true we forget to be thankful especially to God our heavenly father. One other pastor also preached saying we should be thankful even for something we consider small. He said some people have the food but have no appetite, some have tha appetite but have no food yet we might have both the food and the appetite but we take it for granted and do not thank God for the food and the appetite.

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