concilliating economics and moral principles

Many people think that economics laws are not flexible. We always say this:”Everyone for himself” and there will be harmony in the sossiety.But we need to help one another because each is according to his ability. No matter where we are from ,no matter who you are wether  you are rich or poor we still need one another .I learn this at school ,I used to think that I was good at maths and  I didn’t need others but I was completely wrong . The truth is God created us with different gifts .He endowed everyone of gifts and what we should do is to recognize our gift and contribute in the welfare of the people .And we should the same with economics.


3 Responses to “concilliating economics and moral principles”

  1. Lorca Says:

    Dear colleagues
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  2. simp Says:

    and how does it work out for you?

  3. sixthman Says:

    Right, no man is an island bro 😉

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